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Our Mission

CAFCC Mission

The Colorado Association of Family Child Care was organized for the promotion of social welfare, including for such purposes:

  • The promotion of community welfare and education of family child care providers and other persons concerning all aspects of child care services.

  • The promotion of high standards and the furthering awareness of early Care and Learning Professionals as a positive professional group.

  • The promotion of communication among child care providers, officials, organizations, child care consumers, government agencies, and all others which will enhance the general society’s understanding of family child care, to the end that family child care providers and society as a whole will be benefited thereby.

Art Class

CAFCC Vision

Elevate the value and importance of care and education of children in home-based settings for its impact on families, the community, and the economy through strengthening the current and future workforce.

Our Mission

CAFCC Bylaws

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Laws and regulations
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